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a new breed of human

the material girl

29 January
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. the.stars.come.out.to.play.tonight.

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50 cent, a walk to remember, adidas, all american rejects, aquarius, arguing, audi tt, avril-hating, black and white pictures, blue eyes, bobby flay, bright shoelaces, buffalo wings, caribbean, cats, cds, chevelle, chocolate, chorus, christina aguilera, christina ricci, city, clothes, coffee, coheed and cambria, daria, daydreaming, degrassi, drawing, electric guitars, eye liner, faux fur, finding nemo, fire, flavored water, flip flops, flood pants, food network, funny pickup lines, further seems forever, garfield, golden girls, h&m, harry potter, highlighters, hot rod circuit, hummers, ian thorpe, incubus, iron chef, jane lane, jenna elfman, jet skiing, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, justin timberlake, legos, lifelines, lifetime channel, linkin park, lip gloss, lizzie mcguire, lloyd in space, man thongs, mandy moore, marilyn monroe, maroon 5, mascara, mike shinoda, monsters inc., mud vayne, music, orlando bloom, our lady peace, pajamas, pina coladas, pink, princess diaries, puddle of mudd, pumas, rain, rent, rhinestones, rings, road trips, rooney, root beer, rufio, sean biggerstaff, sean paul, serial joe, shakira, singing, sister sister, skiing, snowboard instructors, snowboarding, stars, static x, sublime, system of a down, tahoes, taking back sunday, tattoos, tatu, the disney channel, the nightmare before christmas, the weekenders, theater, thespians, thunderstorms, timothy goebel, to kill a mockingbird, traveling pants, trent lane, tyler florence, vacation, vanilla coke, vermont