.x.b.i.l.l.s.y.x. (xpectunxpected) wrote,

splash of color

haven't updated in a while, what a surprise actually, haven't done much of anything lately except go to school and work. too tired.

i want him to let me breathe. go away. stop talking to me. i'm through having to deal with stupid teenage emotions. you're not worth it. stop hurting me. don't do this anymore. i want out from the whirl wind of emotions you cause.

well, i guess things are decent. i def. need to make up a million homeworks for mrs warner and dr. max.

i can't wait for this weekend. ah, i got new gloves, jacket and snowbaording pants so i'm set. yippee :)

sarah's a jerk! but i love her anyway. and she redid my journal woowoo!

you'll never know how much i care. i'll never tell. the way you make me so weak with just a glance, the way you keep me up at night, the way i need you so badly it hurts. and when i'm buried alive by my own emotions, i'm keeping this secret in the casket.


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