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ah! frustration!

well, everything is going so perfectly.. i have everything going for me, yet everything is baddddd...
well, my ikea job is pretty cool, well, the training is anyhow. it seems like the job should be really fun and pretty mellow, except on weekends, when it supposedly gets crazy. the there's f.i.t. which would be so cool if i could go to in feb/march, yet i dunno if i'll be able to because of work. i went to callbacks, but i don't think i'm getting a part anyway, because callbacks went bad, so at least that's one thing less to worry about. and then there's the scary guy and well, life just gets a little more complicated when you seem to forget that there's only 24 hours in a day.

why can't something good actually go right?
why is it everything you want to do happens at the same time after a draught of nothing going right, so then you have to pick?
why is it everything i wanted came all at the same exact moment?

<3................<3.<.3.<3...::why can't i stop smiling?::...<3.<3.<3................<3
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