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//10 Bands You've Been Listening To Alot Lately\\
2. taking back sunday
3. maroon 5
4. coheed and cambria
5. get up kids
6. dashboard confessional
7. no doubt
8. dunno
9. dunno
10. dunno

//09 Things You Look Forward To\\
1. starting my new job
2. christmas
3. my birthday
4. going to starbucks with my brother
5. talking to the manwich ((emily)) during math
6. **HOPEFULLY taking f.i.t. classes during the summer next year**
7. stained glass class
8. lying in bed listening to my favorite songs
9. waiting to turn 18

//8 Things You Like To Wear\\
1. exposed ankle pants haha
2. jackets
3. flip flops
4. tank tops
5. denim skirts
6. star rings
7. corduroy anything
8. colorful ((colorey haha)) stuff

//07 Things That Annoy You\\
1. school
2. maxeiner
3. hw
4. not having enough time
5. not having started taking art classes sooner
6. not driving ((something i can fix, but still haven't))
7. bad hair days

//06 Things You Say Most Everyday\\
1. i was scurred
2. streetwalker!
3. ho bag
4. ummm....
5. yup yup
6. okkkkkkk.....

//05 Things You Do Everyday\\
1. shower
2. eat breakfast
3. sleep
4. put on jewelry
5. go to school ((eeeeeew))

//04 People You Want To Spend More Time With\\
1. mom
2. my little cousin vicky who is the most adorable thing ever!
3. prerna sarah and liz ((HA! i cheated))
4. myself

//03 movies you could watch over and over again\\
1. kung pow enter the fist
2. pootie tang
3. airplane

//02 Your Favorite Songs At The Moment\\
1. harder to breathe~ maroon 5
2. this ruined puzzle~ dashboard confessional

//01 Person You Could Spend The Rest Of Your Life With\\

kristin's birthday was tons of fun!!! hehe. i had a great time, especially in the restaurant... ah, who you do ___________? and the waiter... well, the waiter... um, let's not go into detail with that one...
and then as sarah said that paper game was so much fun.. i had a really good time and i think pretty much everyone did.. i was sad i couldn't stay for the sleepover.. oh well, maybe next time...
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