.x.b.i.l.l.s.y.x. (xpectunxpected) wrote,

welcome aboard

today was training! yay, it was fun. there were three guys who were reallllly creepy. and the worst part, one of the is working in the same department as me.. ack, scary! but it was fun. we took a tour of ikea and i saw sana, then we filled out 45834865 papers while i was dying of hypothermia, then we had a lunch break. i bought a sweater at h&m ((the <3 of my life)) and i went to the food court where i saw prerna. i stayed with her for a while, then went back. and i have to go back on monday to get my uniform and have dinner with the scary guy and selvin because it's this new thing they do so that you're comfortable with you manager or whatever. then i have to also go on tuesday to be taught safety procedures. it all went by really fast, so i gout out super early. i walked around the mall about 5 times before i got picked up and the sneakers i was wearing are the devil so they hurted me and i was bleeding.. ah, pain... not good

and so now i can't wait until kristin's birthday! dum di dum
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