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*got a 90 on the essay in ap and a 44 on multiple choice
*english is reallly boring... i count the minutes until that class ends
*i am going to training on saturday yay! and iget paid for it.. bigger yay!
*i can now go to kristin's birthday cuz trainign ends before.. yay to that too!
*liz... what were you doing ninth period?! i told tom to open the door and then you were not there!
*also liz... i told rho he was a ho.. he says he's a SMART ho...
*i'm seeing everything blurry.
*i am now working on a multicolored mirror frame thingy in stained glass... gonna be maddddddddd hot.
*i need to find a new phone... and soon, cuz if i don't, i have to stay with the same old one.. ((yucky))
*i want to go to chroma paint... i <3 all the pretty colors
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