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::UPDATE:: coming to you live from the bathroom, this is sarah shower and billsy bathtub...

well, things have been a litt.. um.. odd
homecoming was okay i guess... i realllllllllly wanted to leave since like 12:30, so when i saw my brother come at like, 1:30, i ran! haha, i'm a dork. i met his friend "supa"... he's aight.
then we went to romano's and to roosevelt field mall, then sunrise mall, then broadway mall, cuz we're mall rats
and then today ((yesterday was boring aside from watching 37842723794532 women's world soccer games, which are actually pretty entertaining))
school was otay... math was fun cuz i <3 emily and we don't learn anything and she is a manwich. lisa is a STREETWALKER ((camminatore della via for all the italian speaking friends as mediate would say)) and so emily is lumpy but fim, juicy but messy... ((don't ask))
i finished my stained glass STAR... which is disproportional but still the hottest thing ever cuz it's got SWIRLSSSSSSSSSSS
and as sarah mentioned we had a conversatiopn about how many times mike can say his last name in one sentence ((i.e. i'm micheal behr, but not micheal behr behr like my build bear which is micheal behr bear, i'm micheal behr behr behr behr behr...))
and the crew meeting would not have been fun without that gay/not ay kid.. so confused... curly haired FREAK

and i am going to sleep now cuz i like SLEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

and as lisa says "word to big bird!"
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