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i have:
a) a sinus infection
b) a sore throat
c) a headache
d) a runny nose

and you know, quite frankly, i don't like either one of these much.

but at least i got my essay done....

ah, to be dying, yet have to write about stupid people who died 34787389425273429747321 years ago..... was not fun.....
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ugh omg my sinuses have been bothering me for weeeeeks. ughh...every time i freakin move my head kills me.
yea, i HATE sinuses. and after i "met up with mukta" at the doctor's office, he told me that people with sinus infections aren't gonna be too happy today or tomorrow because of the barometer dropping, or something like that.. hehe, i kinda wasn't paying attention.

<3 billsy
that's really interesting...i wish i was listening to what he was saying...hahaha...
feel better billchee...
i missed you in US today... :*(
i missed you today especially in english:(

feel better girlie!